Sentence Examples

  • The calculation of a logarithm can be performed by successive divisions; evolution requires special methods.
  • 2 In this treatise (which was written before Napier had invented the name logarithm) logarithms are called "artificial numbers."
  • Algebraic Forms; Binomial; Combinatorial Analysis; Determin Ants; Equation; Continued Fraction; Function; Theory of groups; Logarithm; Number; Probability; Series.
  • In n = a P, a is the root or base, p is the index or logarithm, and n is the power or antilogarithm.
  • For the purpose of thus simplifying the operations of arithmetic, the base is taken to be Io, and use is made of tables of logarithms in which the values of x, the logarithm, corresponding to values of m, the number, are tabulated.

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