Sentence Examples

  • The minimum annual premium is six lire for an annuity of one lira per day at the age of sixty, and insurance against sickness.
  • Currency.The lira (plural lire) of 100 centesimi (centimes) is equal in value to the French franc. The total coinage (exclusive of Eritrean currency) from the 1st of January 1862 to the end of 1907 was 1,104,667,116 lire (exclusive of recoinage), divided as follows: gold, 427,516,970 lire; silver, 570,097,025 lire; nickel, 23,417,000 lire; bronze, 83,636,121 lire.
  • PESETA, a silver coin and unit of value, the Spanish equivalent of the French, Belgian and Swiss franc, the Italian lira and the Greek drachma in the Latin monetary union.
  • This is a simple harmonic wave-line, whose mean distance from the axis is a, whose wave-length is lira, and whose amplitude is c. The internal pressure corresponding to this unduloid is as before p = T/a.
  • 1 A Turkish lira = 18 shillings (English).

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