Sentence Examples

  • Occasionally serpentines become sheared without yielding talcose minerals; they are then known as serpentine-schist and antigoriteschist, the latter being tough leek-green rocks, more or less transparent.
  • Several species afford useful foods, such as onion (Allium Cepa), leek (A.
  • The fleshy leaves are often reduced to a more or less cylindrical structure, as in the stonecrops (Sedum), or form closely crowded rosettes as in the house-leek (Sempervivum).
  • Many species spread by means of a creeping much-branched rootstock, or as in house-leek, by runners which perish after producing a terminal leaf-rosette.
  • Tectorum, common house-leek, is seen often growing on tops of walls and house-roofs.

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