Sentence Examples

  • The elder takes the Gospel off the white cloth, where it has lain all through the ceremony, and places it on the postulant's head, and the other good men present place their right hands on his head; they shall say the parcias (spare), and thrice the "Let us adore the Father and Son and Holy Spirit," and then pray thus: "Holy Father, welcome thy servant in thy justice and send upon him thy grace and thy holy spirit."
  • The bullet had caught him full in the chest, driving him backward into the scooped out grotto where his uncle had lain for more than half a century.
  • Its colors were pale purple and the bed beneath him more comfortable than any he'd lain in.
  • Sheet-covered, her remains lay in Dean's office, only feet from where she had lain naked against him so short a time before.
  • In the central pit all was in confusion, but here the king seems to have lain on a bier.