Sentence Examples

  • 22) which had probably languished since the wreck of Jehoshaphat's ships (1 Kings xxii, 48); but the ancient kingdom had been re-established by the time of Ahaz,.
  • Presently at a feast of Anahite Gregory refused to assist his sovereign in offering pagan sacrifice, and his parentage being now revealed, was thrown into a deep pit at Artashat, where he languished for fourteen years, during which persecution raged in Armenia.
  • In this dungeon he languished for two and a half years, and, despite all the efforts of Pope Honorius III.
  • For the next six years the war languished owing to the timidity of the emperor, the incompetence of his generals and the exhaustion of the Porte; but on the 11th of September 1697 Prince Eugene of Savoy routed the Turks at Zenta and on the 13th of November 1698 a peace-congress was opened at Karlowitz which resulted in the peace of that name (Jan.
  • In 1100 he was captured by Danishmend of Sivas, and he languished in prison till 1103.

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