Sentence Examples

  • Similarly his pioneer work in mechanics is illustrated by the story of his having said 80s pot iroi Kai KU'i Tip 'yi]v (or as another version has it, in his dialect, 7ra 0c7) Kai Kivw TOY -yav), " Give me a place to stand and I (will) move the earth."
  • The extant treatises are as follows: (1) On the Sphere and Cylinder (Peri sphairos kai kylindron).
  • The expression of his eyes had something "liquid and melting" (TOW o��arwv Tip) Sc aXvaiv Kai iypbrfra), and the hair which stood up over his forehead gave the suggestion of a lion.
  • Martyrer, 137), Kai is to be inserted before ll paacs, and this to be understood as the name of the metropolis.
  • The period of Lent is still described as "the six weeks of the fast" (E 41360µ6,5Es TWV vioreLWV), Holy Week (7) ayia Kai µeyaAn E/380µas) not being reckoned in.

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