Sentence Examples

  • A 2003 study by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality shows that African-American and Hispanic children face much higher odds of being overweight than non-Hispanic white or Asian-American and Pacific Islander children.
  • This group included 48 percent of all African-American children, 16 percent of all non-Hispanic white children, 13 percent of Asian/Pacific Islander children, and 25 percent of children of Hispanic origin.
  • The Islander Men's Hibiscus Print is fashioned in an eye catching red and white; it falls at the knee and comes equipped with a mesh interior brief for the astoundingly inexpensive price of just 3.59.
  • Coconuts can also be shaken from the trees to be eaten by the islander, but you will have to make several trips to collect all the money bags if you filled your pockets earlier.
  • This group includes 14 percent of white children, 6 percent of African-American children, 11 percent of Asian/Pacific Islander, and 12 percent of Hispanic children.