Sentence Examples

  • If the download isn't an archive file, but instead comes over as a "Sims Pack", all you have to do is run the regular Sims 2 Installer that came on your game CD, and it'll recognize the new expansion pack.
  • Some devices have set intervals built in, such as transmitting location every ten minutes or so, while other units allow the installer to adjust the interval during installation.
  • Once you've installed the patch, all you have to do is run an installer program, like the Install Monkey, and the mod that you've downloaded will be incorporated into your game.
  • The installation of the pipes or electric mat can be done before the final floor covering is replaced, with a plumber or electrician working in tandem with a flooring installer.
  • Make sure your metal tile backsplash gets installed properly by speaking to both the sales people and the installer before purchase to make sure everyone is on the same page.