Sentence Examples

  • We live at a defining moment for humanity, as the compounding effects of technology and civilization reach an inflection point.
  • The principal thing that is lacking is sentence accent and variety in the inflection of phrases.
  • The Klong is rhythmic, the play being on the inflection of the voice in speaking the words, which inflection is arranged according to fixed schemes; the rhyme, if it can so be called, being sought not in the similarity of syllables but of intonation.
  • It is usual to distinguish between the general coast-line measured from point to point of the headlands disregarding the smaller bays, and the detailed coast-line which takes account of every inflection shown by the map employed, and follows up river entrances to the point where tidal action ceases.
  • The node or cusp is not an inflection, and we have thus for a node a diminution 6, and for a cusp a diminution 8, in the number of the intersections; hence for a curve with 6 nodes and cusps, the diminution is = 66+8K, and the number of inflections is c= 3m(m - 2) - 66 - 8K.