Sentence Examples

  • Laying especial emphasis on the priority of mind to body, and on the absolute and ultimate dependence of mind as well as body on the existence of God.
  • His system shows the influence of Kant's destructive criticism of the claims of Pure Reason, recognition of the value of morally conditioned knowledge, and doctrine of the kingdom of ends; of Schleiermacher's historical treatment of Christianity, regulative use of the idea of religious fellowship, emphasis on the importance of religious feeling; and of Lotze's theory of knowledge and treatment of personality.
  • It was the zeal with which they were taught, the clear distinction which they drew between the profession of godliness and the enjoyment of its power - added to the emphasis they laid upon the immediate influence of the Holy Spirit on the consciousness 1 "Methodism" is derived from "method" (Gr.
  • In these no change, it is alleged, has been made in regard to the substance of the Westminster doctrine, but there is an alteration of emphasis and proportion.
  • It has been said that his battles were decided by shock action; the real emphasis should be laid upon the word "decided."

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