Sentence Examples

  • If a contemporary grammarian, Saco Area, is to be trusted, Gallego would form an absolute exception to the law of Spanish accentuation in the imperfect and pluperfect indicative: falabdmos, falabddes; batidmos, batiddes; pididmos, p-ididdes; and falardrnos, falarddes; baterdmos, baterddes; pidirdmos, pidirddes.
  • As regards the tonic, accent and the treatment of the vowels which come after it, Castilian may be said to be essentially a paroxytonic language, though it does not altogether refuse proparoxytonic accentuation and it would be a mistake to regard vocables like 1dm para, lagrima, rdpido, &c., as learned words.
  • The accentuation in the inflexion of perfects in the conjugation called strong, like hubiiron hiziron, which correspond to h a b u r u n t, f e c e r u n t (while in the other Romance languages the Latin type is b r ii n t: Fr.
  • Two results only appear throughout his writings - first, the accentuation of belief; and secondly, the transference of many philosophical difficulties to language.
  • 1 It may be added that the double system of accentuation ofthe Decalogue in the Hebrew Bible seems to preserve traces of the ancient uncertainty concerning the numeration.

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