Sentence Examples

  • This theory had already been advanced by Cumberland and others, but Shaftesbury was the first to make it the cardinal point in his system; no one had yet definitely transferred the centre of ethical interest from the Reason, conceived as apprehending either abstract moral distinctions or laws of divine legislation, for the emotional impulses that prompt to social duty; no one had undertaken to distinguish clearly, by analysis of experience, the disinterested and self-regarding elements of our appetitive nature, or to prove inductively their perfect harmony.
  • He endeavours to establish this inductively by a survey of the qualities, commonly praised as virtues, which he finds to be always either useful or immediately agreeable, either (1) to the virtuous agent himself or (2) to others.
  • He takes first the semi-moral notion of " propriety" or "decorum," and endeavours to show inductively that our application of this notion to the social behaviour of another is determined by our degree of sympathy with the feeling expressed in such behaviour.
  • The major premise of syllogism, says the Pyrrhonist, is established inductively from the particular ' 'Errt4 opcc. = " in " as in i raywyi 7, inductio, and - 40pa = - ferentia, as in 8eoopa, differentia.
  • So far as it is inductively true that all border-war is evil, it is deductively true that a given border-war is therefore evil.

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