Sentence Examples

  • Navarrese-Aragone~e has the diphthongs Ce, ue from tonic and, and adheres more strictly to them than normal Castilian doescuende (c b m i t e rn) huey (h d 1 e), pueyo (pb di U rn), yes (e s t), yeran (h r ii n t), while Castilian says conde, hoy, poyo, es, ryan.
  • Pardo Bazhn, La Espana de ayer y Ia de hoy (Madrid, 1899); LEspagne: politique, littirature, arme, &c., numiro special de la Nouvelle Revue Internationale (Paris, 1900); J.
  • The sea-wall of Foula, in Shetland, and the western front of Hoy, in Orkney, rise like walls to heights of 1100 or 1200 ft.
  • HOY (Norse Haey, " high island"), the second largest island of the Orkneys, county of Orkney, Scotland.
  • Of Pomona, from which it is separated by Hoy Sound.

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