Sentence Examples

  • Social attitudes towards homosexuality and bisexuality have varied over the centuries, from complete rejection, or homophobia, through covert acceptance, to complete normalization, with many degrees in between.
  • In some cultures, especially those influenced by homophobic religions, homosexuality is considered a perversion and has been outlawed; in some jurisdictions homosexual behavior is a crime punishable by death.
  • While other movies and television shows have featured gay characters, this was the first mainstream movie to deal with all the heartache and emotion surrounding the taboo of homosexuality in the 1960s.
  • The lawsuit was settled out of court with the only stipulation known that Sapir had to publicly state that Tom Cruise was not gay and the alleged tape "proving" Cruise's homosexuality did not exist.
  • Interestingly enough, in Mexico, the government loosened restrictions and allowed themes such as racism, homosexuality and urban violence to be featured more prominently in Mexican telenovelas.