Sentence Examples

  • Heliotrope or cherry-pie (Heliotropium peruvianum) is a well-known garden plant.
  • BLOODSTONE, the popular name of the mineral heliotrope, which is a variety of dark green chalcedony or plasma, with bright red spots, splashes and streaks.
  • Some coarse kinds are opaque, resembling in this respect jasper, and some writers have sought to restrict the name "bloodstone" to green jasper, with red markings, thus making heliotrope a translucent and bloodstone an opaque stone, but, though convenient, such a distinction is not generally recognized.
  • Towering eucalyptus, graceful pepper trees, tropic palms, rubber trees, giant bananas, yuccas and a wonderful growth of roses, heliotrope, calla lilies in hedges, orange trees, jasmine, giant geraniums and other flowers beautify the city throughout the year.
  • Pyrazine, C4H4N2, crystallizes from water in prisms, which have a heliotrope odour.

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