Sentence Examples

  • The form is commonly regarded as the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew har megiddon, the mountain district of Megiddo.
  • 170 (1887), that the name is for har migdo, " his fruitful mountain" - the mountain land of Israel.
  • The jackal stands for Anup, the hawk for Har, the frog for Hekt, the baboon for Tahuti, and Ptah, Asiri, Hesi, Nebhat, Hat-hor, Neit, Khnum and Amun-hor are all written out phonetically, but never represented in pictures.
  • Rsu ht eto Har e„n Chi;ham?o a tton E?l rhead :o n Rel ate Ri plcy ?
  • New Persian sindhu (Indus) hindu hindu hind sarva (all) haurva haruva har sama (whole) hama hama ham santi (sunt) henti hantiy hend.

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