Sentence Examples

  • 170 (1887), that the name is for har migdo, " his fruitful mountain" - the mountain land of Israel.
  • This doctrine of philosophic quietism was common to his successors, until in the time of the sixth guru, Har Govind, it was found necessary to support the separate existence of Sikhism by force of arms, and this led to the militant and political development of the tenth and most powerful of the gurus, Govind Singh.
  • Arjan saw clearly that it was impossible to preserve his sect without force of arms, and one of his last injunctions to his son Har Govind was to sit fully armed on his throne and maintain an army to the best of his ability.
  • When Har Govind was installed as guru, Bhai Budha, the aged Sikh who performed the ceremony, presented him with a turban and a necklace, and charged him to wear and preserve them as the founder of his religion had done.
  • Guru Gu g Go Har Govind promptly ordered that the articles should be relegated to his treasury, the museum of the period.