Sentence Examples

  • Albumin has a shorter half-life than red blood cells, and this test reflects the time-averaged blood glucose over a period of two to three weeks prior to sample collection.
  • The half-life of CO in normal room air is four to five hours, which means that in four to five hours half of the CO bound to hemoglobin will be replaced with oxygen.
  • It's been almost exactly a year since Half-life 2 came out for the PC and now, Valve ports it over to the Xbox in hopes to win over console gamers.
  • Once you get the gist of the story and start your new journey, you'll find all the familiar elements that made the first Half-life successful.
  • At normal atmospheric pressures, but breathing 100 percent oxygen, the half-life for the elimination of CO from the body is 50 to 70 minutes.