Sentence Examples

  • Korna, at the junction of the two great rivers; Amara on the Tigris; Shatra on the Shatt el-Hai canal, connecting the Tigris and Euphrates; Nasrieh, at the junction of that canal with the Euphrates and Suk esh-Sheiukh, on the lower reaches of the Euphrates, are the principal settlements, with a population varying from 3000 to ro,000 or somewhat less.
  • A navigable channel extends in an irregular curve from the bay of Hoi-how (Hai-K`ow) in the north to Tan-chow on the west coast.
  • The port of K`iungchow-fu at the mouth of the river, which is nearly dry at low water, is called simply Hoi-how, or in the court dialect Hai-Vow, i.e.
  • On its conquest by the generals of Kublai Khan in 1278 the island was incorporated with the western part of the province of Kwangtung in a new satrapy, Hai-peh Hai-nan Tao, i.e.
  • It was thus that Hai-nan-Tao, or district south of the sea or strait, came into use as the name of the island, which, however, has borne the official title of K`iungchow-fu, probably derived from the Kiung shan or Jade Mountains, ever since 1370, the date of its erection into a department of Kwang-tung.

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