Sentence Examples

  • The extinct members of the family are represented by the genera Epanorthus, Acdestis, Garzonia, &c. In a second family - Abderitidae - also from the Patagonian Miocene, the penultimate premolar is developed into an enormous tooth, with a tall, secant and grooved crown, somewhat after the fashion of the enlarged premolar of Plagiaulax.
  • The armature acts on an inking disk on the principle described above, save only that the disk is supplied with ink from a groove in a second wheel, on which it rolls: the grooved wheel is kept turning with one edge in contact with ink in an ink-well.
  • The path to my fixed purpose is laid with iron rails, whereon my soul is grooved to run.
  • We have a grooved board which we put between the pages when we wish to write.
  • I do not write on a Braille tablet, as you suppose, but on a grooved board like the piece which I enclose.

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