Sentence Examples

  • The grizzly bear is now rare in the United States, save in the Yellowstone Park and the Clearwater Mountains of Idaho, though more common in British Columbia.
  • Grizzly, black and cinnamon bears are found in the mountains and wooded districts.
  • There are black, grizzly and polar bears, and also two exclusively Alaskan species, the Kodiak and the glacier bear.
  • Inferior sorts, almost grizzly in effect and some very pale, are found in Europe and Asia and are mostly used locally.
  • The bison, which once ranged the plains in large herds, have been exterminated; the moose and the elk are found only occasionally in the wilder regions; mountain sheep, antelope, black and grizzly bears, wolves, coyotes and lynx (" wild cats ") are also becoming rare.

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