Sentence Examples

  • It is decidedly less at Perpignan and Lisbon than at Potsdam, Kew and Greenwich, but nowhere is the seasonal difference more conspicuous than at Tokyo, which is south of Lisbon.
  • 100 tember at Sodankyla., IllEFIMEM' 90 Greenwich and ust at via; May to August at 111 100 Kew, Bureau Central so (Paris), Eiffel Tower and Perpignan; and May to July at Karasjok.
  • " Winter " in-, 00 eludes October to arch at Sod, so Greenwich and Batavia; November to February at Kew ky and M Kew '110 Bureau Central; December 100, 100 November to January ' at Karasjok, and December and Janu ary at Perpignan.
  • At Greenwich, Oxford and several other observatories, instead of measuring the distances of the star's image from the opposite sides of the 5 mm.
  • GREENWICH, a south-eastern metropolitan borough of London, England, bounded N.

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