Sentence Examples

  • According to the terms of the Greco-Serbian Treaty of 1913, Greece would, in that case, be bound to come to Serbia's aid.
  • About 250 B.C. Diodotus (Theodotus), governor of Bactria under the Seleucidae, declared his independence, and commenced the history of the Greco-Bactrian dynasties, which succumbed to Parthian and nomadic movements about 126 B.C. After this came a Buddhist era which has left its traces in the gigantic sculptures at Bamian and the rock-cut topes of Haibak.
  • In Cappadocia) it is either Turkish, which is written in Greek characters, or a Greco-Turkish jargon.
  • Enclosed between the Taurus and Amanus ranges and the sea are the fertile plains of Cilicia Pedias, consisting in great part of a rich, stoneless loam, out of which rise rocky crags that are crowned with the ruins of Greco-Roman and Armenian strongholds, and of Pamphylia, partly alluvial soil, partly travertine, deposited by the Taurus rivers.
  • He became widely known as a war correspondent, reporting every war from the Greco-Turkish War (1897) to the World War.

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