Sentence Examples

  • They possess a delicate Laticiferous layer of protoplasm, with numerous small nuclei lining Tissue the walls, while the interior of the tube (corresponding with the cell-vacuole) contains a fluid called latex, consisting of an emulsion of fine granules and drops of very various substances suspended in a watery medium in which various other substances (salts, sugars, rubber-producers, tannins, alkaloids and various enzymes) are dissolved.
  • In many of the granules, or more properly, clouds represented.
  • These end-organs are the active agents in taking up foreign granules, or bacteria, which may have found their way into the fluid of the body-cavity.
  • When spoken to the diaphragm vibrated, and thus set the carbon granules into vigorous vibration.
  • The chief difficulty with this transmitter, and with various others of later date based upon it, has been the frequent packing of the carbon granules, which renders the instrument inoperative.

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