Sentence Examples

  • The duke governs through a minister of state, who is the praeses of all the departments - finance, home affairs, education, public worship and statistics.
  • The Mahanadi is the principal river of the district, and governs the whole drainage and river system of the surrounding country.
  • The practice of universal toleration amidst increasing religious differences was an application of the conception of human understanding which governs his Essay.
  • Alexandria, on the other hand, tended to be unduly speculative and allegorizing even in its scholarship. The antagonism of the two schools governs much of the history of doctrine; and behind it we can trace in part the contrast between Church Platonism and what churchmen called Aristotelianism.
  • The calycinal theory is not merely an assertion of certain homologies, a few of which might be disputed without affecting the rest: it governs our whole conception of the echinoderms, because it implies their descent from a calyculate ancestor - not a "crinoidphantom," that bogey of the Sarasins, but a form with definite plates subject to a quinqueradiate arrangement, with which its internal organs must likewise have been correlated.

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