Sentence Examples

  • Amongst the elements of our thought there are some which we can make and unmake at our pleasure; there are others which come and go without our wish; there is also a third class which is of the very essence of our thinking, and which dominates our conceptions.
  • The moral interest, which is so decisive on this question in the case of Kant, dominates Bishop Butler also.
  • Ben Lomond (3192 ft.), the ascent of which is made with comparative ease from Rowardennan, dominates the landscape; but there are other majestic hills, particularly on the west and north-west banks.
  • To the ancient Greeks Caucasia, and the mighty range which dominates it, were a region of mystery and romance.
  • Alone, or in groups, or in long aisles, towering above the plantations or its fellow trees of the forest, its beautiful crest dominates every landscape.