Sentence Examples

  • Wine Enthusiast's Wholesale Store - When you don't have the time to search for glassware, simply fill out your contact information on the Wine Enthusiast wholesale website and a representative will contact you.
  • Located in New York City, Newel is a major antiques resource that carries a comprehensive selection of Art Deco interior decoration pieces, ranging from small glassware to furniture.
  • The stem and wide mouth of this glassware keep your drink especially cool; using a different type of glass will cause the drink to warm quickly and bring out the bitterness.
  • The principal articles of export are wood, sugar, cattle, glass and glassware, iron and ironware, eggs, cereals, millinery, fancy goods, earthenware and pottery, and leather goods.
  • Amid boxes, lamps, and glassware of every description sat the old man, atop a trunk, snuggled between the two maiden ladies from Indiana.