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  • In Monoblepliaris, one of the lower Fungi, in some Algae, in the Vascular Cryptograms, in Cycads (Zamia and Cycas), and in Ginkgo, an isolated genus of Gymnosperms, the male cell is a motile spermatozoid with two or more cilia.
  • In the Characeae, the Vascular Cryptogams, in Zamia and Cycas, and in Ginkgo, the spermatozoids are more or less highly modified cells witi+m.-S, ~..
  • .;.:~~: cilia are grouped along .~ the cytoplasmic anterior D portion of the spiral In Zamia (fig 4 A), Cycas and Ginkgo they consist of large spherical or oval cells with a coiled band of cilia at one end, and ~ ~ a large nucleus which nearly fills the cell They are carried by the pollen tube to the apex of the prothallus, where they are extruded, and by means of their ciba swim through a small quantity .D of liquid, contained in a slight depression to the oosphere.
  • In the spermatozoids of Chara, Vascular Cryptogams, and in those of Cycas, Zamia and Ginkgo, the cilia arise from a centrosome-like body which is found on one side of the nucleus of the spermatozoid mother-cell.
  • This body has been called a blepharoplast, and in the Pteridophytes, Cycads and Ginkgo it gives rise to the spiral band on which the cilia are formed.

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