Sentence Examples

  • He was large, as were all the genetically engineered, secretive counter-insurgency special forces in the regular army.
  • They are generally of lenticular form, and usually occur in or near the contact of eruptive rocks with schists or slates; the presence of the igneous rock being probably connected genetically with their origin.
  • 8) of the marine branchiate worms are the same things genetically as the " legs " of Crustacea and Insects (figs.
  • Therefore, it seems to be, with our present knowledge, a hopeless task to analyse the branchial organs of Arthropoda and to identify them genetically in groups.
  • Whether you are for the organic food movement or against it, for genetically modified crops or against them, for corporate farms or seed banks or raw food or anything else, is influenced significantly by your larger view of politics.

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