Sentence Examples

  • Usually it passes from the throat (the anterior part of which, with the whole of the under jaw, is dark) above the origin of the flipper, along the middle of the flank, and descends again to the middle line before reaching the tail.
  • The flipper is short, broad, and truncated, and the dorsal fin a mere low protuberance.
  • The fore-limbs may, however, be modified, as in moles, for burrowing, or, as in bats, for flight, or finally, as in whales and dolphins, for swimming, with the assumption in this latter instance of a flipper-like form and the complete disappearance of the hind-limbs.
  • Finally there is a rather bizarre game where you have to bounce the ball up a tube using flippers on the sides.
  • Find out where you can find a friendly flipper - full details Bring on the summer!

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