Sentence Examples

  • By Haeckel they are considered homologous with the umbrella of a medusa.
  • Serially homologous structures, borne on the same body, are commonly differ s entiated into sets, the mean character of a set produced in one part of the body, or during one period of life, differing from the mean character of a set produced in a different region or at a different time.
  • Homologous structures were such as, though greatly differing in appearance and detail from one another, and though performing widely different functions, yet were capable of being shown by adequate study of a series of intermediate forms to be derived from one and the same part or organ of the " plan-form " or " archetype."
  • Considering the predicted series of compounds C7,H2,,+2, which is the well-known homologous series of methane, the first member, the possible of isomerism lies in that of a different linking of the carbon atoms. This first presents itself when four are present, i.e.
  • The view is commonly held that these eye-stalks are really limbs, homologous with the other appendages.