Sentence Examples

  • By Haeckel they are considered homologous with the umbrella of a medusa.
  • Serially homologous structures, borne on the same body, are commonly differ s entiated into sets, the mean character of a set produced in one part of the body, or during one period of life, differing from the mean character of a set produced in a different region or at a different time.
  • Considering the predicted series of compounds C7,H2,,+2, which is the well-known homologous series of methane, the first member, the possible of isomerism lies in that of a different linking of the carbon atoms. This first presents itself when four are present, i.e.
  • This long downward process being homologous with an almost exactly identical arrangeFIG.
  • The fins of Pteropods are now interpreted as the expanded lateral margins of the foot, termed parapodia, not homologous with the siphonof Cephalopods which is formed from epipodia.