Sentence Examples

  • The word "flocculent" is used of many substances which have a fleecy or "flock"-like appearance, such as a precipitate of ferric hydrate.
  • They are both reddish yellow and brownish black (according to individual variation) in skin colour, with head hair often tending to russet, and body hair of two kinds - black and bristly on the upper lip, chin, chest, axillae and pubes; and yellowish and fleecy on the cheeks, back and limbs.
  • The Angora from the heights of central Asia Minor has curly, fleecy, silky, white wool, 4 to 7 in.
  • The present manufacture of fleecy hosiery dates from the end of the 18th century.
  • The blues and greys were very beautiful, and Dorothy noticed that on the cloud banks sat or reclined fleecy, shadowy forms of beautiful beings who must have been the Cloud Fairies.

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