Sentence Examples

  • By his second wife Walsingham had a daughter who married firstly Sir Philip Sidney, secondly Robert Devereux, second earl of Essex, and thirdly Richard de Burgh, earl of Clanricarde.
  • Firstly, in using them to determine the weight FIG.
  • It is to be observed, however, firstly, that the scientific element occupied a larger place in Plato's later system than is generally supposed,' and, secondly, that other Academics who came into competition with Speusippus agreed with him in his rejection of the theory of ideas.
  • Firstly, if virtue is knowledge, does it follow that vice is involuntary?
  • The two most important points of contrast between the geology of Ireland and that of England are, firstly, the great exposure of `Carboniferous rocks in Ireland, Mesozoic strata being almost absent; and, secondly, the presence of volcanic rocks in place of the marine Eocene of England.