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  • Pop. (1890) 24,651; (1900) 26,121, of whom 8768 were foreignborn, including 4388 English Canadians, Boo French Canadians, 665 Irish, 653 Finns and 594 Portuguese; (1910 census) 2 4,39 8.
  • Finner) call their country Sabme or Same, and themselves Samelats - names almost identical with those employed by the Finns for their country and race, and probably connected with a root signifying "dark."
  • The river Lapps, many of whom, however, are descendants of Finns proper, breed cattle, attempt a little tillage and entrust their reindeer to the care of mountain Lapps.
  • The songs are similar to those of the Finns, and a process of mutual borrowing seems to have gone on.
  • According to Diiben the name first occurs in the 13th century - in the Fundinn Noregr, composed about 1200, in Saxo Grammaticus, and in a papal bull of date 1230; but the people are probably to be identified with those Finns of Tacitus whom he describes as wild hunters with skins for clothing and rude huts as only means of shelter, and certainly with the Skrithiphinoi of Procopius (Goth.

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