Sentence Examples

  • 1 Includes manufactories of glue, tallow, soap, perfumery, fertilizers, soda, &c.
  • Other industries of less importance are flour, fertilizers and tanned leather.
  • It thus falls out that in spite of the enormous quantity of fish consumed as food or used as fertilizers year after year by the Japanese, the seas remain as richly stocked as ever.
  • The total value of farm products in 1899 was $42,298,274 (expenditure for fertilizers $1,320,600); crops representing 54.7 and animal products 45.3% of this total.
  • In the value of fertilizers manufactured, and in that of oysters canned and preserved, Maryland was first among the states in 1900 and second in 1905; in 1900 and in 1905 it was fourth among the states in the value of men's clothing.