Sentence Examples

  • But a serious blemish was his persistent separation of trees from herbs, a distinction whose falsity had been exposed by Jung and others, but to which Ray tried to give scientific foundation by denying the existence of buds in the latter.
  • Kyme was apparently an unimaginative man of the world, while Anne took to Biblereading with zeal, became convinced of the falsity of the doctrine of transubstantiation, and created some stir in Lincoln by her disputations.
  • Finally, the likeness of an edible species to a warningly coloured inedible one in the same locality is termed " pseudaposematic," in allusion to the pretentiousness or falsity of the warning signal.
  • His justification has been set aside by modern critics, not on the ground that the evidence demonstrates its falsity, 6 but because it is inconceivable or unnatural that any man should receive a present from another, and not suffer his judgment to be swayed thereby.
  • Historically, this proceeded from the labours of Jean de Launoy (1603-1678), "le denicheur des saints," and Louis Sebastien le Nain de Tillemont, who had shown the falsity of numerous lives of the saints; while theologically it was produced by the Port Royal school, which led men to dwell more on communion with God as contrasted with the invocation of the saints.

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