Sentence Examples

  • At a later date other experimentalists found, however, that an equal thickness of sea-water interposed between a primary and secondary circuit completely prevented similar inductive intercommunication.
  • As all intellectual phenomena have by experimentalists been reduced to sensation, so all emotion has been and is regarded as reducible to simple mental affection, the element of which all emotional manifestations are ultimately composed.
  • The following are some of the values deduced by well-known experimentalists for the latent heat of fusion: - Regnault, 79.06 to 79.24 calories, corrected by Person to 79.43; Person, 79.99 calories; Hess, 80.34 calories; Bunsen, 80.025 calories.
  • J Amin And Amaury, And Of Many Other Experimentalists Who Succeeded Regnault, Appeared To Indicate Much Larger Rates Of Increase Than He Had Found, But There Can Be Little Doubt That The Discrepancies Of Their Results, Which Often Exceeded 5%, Were Due To Lack Of Appreciation Of The Difficulties Of Calorimetric Measurements.
  • Various improvements were made in the electrical machine, and thereby experimentalists were provided with the means of generating strong electrification; C. F.

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