Sentence Examples

  • Seguin was unable to verify this experimentally, but in 1857 G.
  • Tritici, which lives encysted in ears of wheat), other species occasionally adopt the parasitic mode of existence, and become encysted in slugs, snails, &c.; (3) it has been experimentally proved that many normally parasitic genera are capable of leading a free existence;' (4) transitional forms exist which are free at one period of their life and parasitic at another.
  • This simple type of life-history has been experimentally proved by Leuckart to be characteristic of Trichocephalus affinis, Oxyuris ambigua and other species.
  • Leuckart proved experimentally that these young forms become encysted in the muscles of mice, and the cycle is completed after the mouse is devoured by a cat.
  • 799.) He advocated and put in practice experimentally Lode.

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