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  • Substances with positive heats of formation are termed exothermic; those with negative heats of formation are termed endothermic. The latter, which are not very numerous, give out heat on decomposition into their elements, and are more or less unstable.
  • Compounds formed with the evolution of heat are termed exothermic, while those formed with an absorption are termed endothermic. Explosives are the commonest examples of endothermic compounds.
  • Funeral Home: Drive carefully, we'll wait. [ Humor Index ] Is hell exothermic?
  • Similarly, its violently exothermic reaction with hydrazine made this an extremely powerful propellant combination for rocket fuel in the late 1950s.
  • The coke ( essentially impure carbon ) burns in the blast of hot air to form carbon dioxide - a strongly exothermic reaction.

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