Sentence Examples

  • From its source, it joins the Danube, which river down to that point it equals in length and far exceeds in volume of water.
  • The fact that at this stage the polarization is a maximum, when the angle through which the light is turned exceeds a right angle, is the more worthy of note, as the opposite result would probably have been expected.
  • In elephants the number of ridges on the intermediate molars always exceeds five, but in mastodons it is nearly always three or four, and the tooth in front has usually one fewer and that behind one more, so that the ridgeformula (i.e.
  • Whilst the average q in at least the great majority of stations exceeds unity, individual observations making q less than unity are not rare.
  • If then the risk under trees exceeds that in the open in Hungary and the United States, at least five or six times as many people must remain in the open as seek shelter under trees.

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