Sentence Examples

  • Their habits, food, etc., are also very similar to those of the true squirrels, except that they are more nocturnal, and are therefore less often seen.
  • Numerous other papers on molecular physics, including an experimental research on magnetism, appeared in the Proceedings of the Russian Academy of Science, the Physikalische Zeitschrift, the Proceedings of the German Physical Society, the Annalen der Physik, etc. (F.
  • Knit goods are manufactured, but the importance of the place is due to its sulphur springs, the waters of which are used for the treatment of skin diseases, gout, rheumatism, etc., and to the tonic air and fine scenery.
  • Cattle were hired for ploughing, working the watering-machines, carting, threshing, etc. The Code fixed a statutory wage for sowers, ox-drivers, field-labourers, and hire for oxen, asses, &c.
  • Even if Knower #1 taught someone the fact, story, etc., what if Knower #2 didn't remember it?

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