Sentence Examples

  • The oke, equalling 2.8 lb avoirdupois, and the donum, about 4 of an acre, are the chief units.
  • Equalling any in the world.
  • In the slope above the town was hewn a theatre equalling that of Athens in size.
  • Cantiaca - named from the place of its discovery, though it has long since ceased to inhabit that neighbourhood - is the largest of the British species, equalling in size the smaller gulls and having a dark-coloured bill tipped with yellow, and dark legs.
  • The largest species known is the Stercorarius catarrhactes of ornithologists - the "Skooi" or "Bonxie" of the Shetlanders, a bird in size equalling a herring-gull, Larus argentatus.