Sentence Examples

  • Gabe tried to envision the Code as a woman, one that he could negotiate with.
  • She screamed, the creatures came closer, and sheer will made her close her eyes to envision the hotel room.
  • From growing our own replacement organs to having nanobots swimming around our blood supply keeping an eye on things, we will have come very far from the world of Jenner, Blossom the Cow, and smallpox—and can envision the end of disease.
  • As we envision a world where machines do more and more work that people used to do, our minds naturally turn to those who would be displaced by technological advance.
  • And yet the future I envision is no more like what we have today than a state-of-the-art Volvo factory is like a nineteenth-century London sweatshop.

How would you define envision? Add your definition here.

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