Sentence Examples

  • He is one of the genuine emigres, the good ones.
  • In the hope of rekindling the civil war a body of emigres sailed under cover of the British fleet and landed on the peninsula of Quiberon.
  • Accused of assisting the king's flight, of supplying emigres with funds, and of encouraging the resistance of the royal troops on the 10th of August 1792, she was condemned to death, and executed on the 10th of May 1794.
  • He presented a measure in favour of full liberty for the press, which at that time was almost unanimously reactionary, protested against the outlawry of returned emigres, spoke in favour of the deported priests and attacked the Directory.
  • His last political achievement was in July 1795, when he was present with Hoche at the destruction of the army of the emigres at Quiberon, and ordered the executions which followed.