Sentence Examples

  • The Army did not send a rescue team, believing all aboard were killed, so Ellison spent a year and a half in the Peruvian jungle with the native tribes before being discovered and returned to civilization.
  • When a sight zone-out occurs and Ellison is almost pasted by a garbage truck, he realizes that Sandburg is right that he needs someone to watch his back and bring him out of zone-outs.
  • Five years before the series opens, Ellison, then an Army Special Forces officer, was the sole survivor of a helicopter crash in the jungles of Peru.
  • Theorizing that Ellison's extended stay in the jungle activated his latent abilities, Sandburg wants to study Ellison for his research.
  • Ellison just wants the heightened senses to go away, but Sandburg convinces him that the thing to do is to get them under control.