Sentence Examples

  • The subject was pursued by Thomson and the Cambridge physicists with great mathematical and experimental ability, and finally the conclusion was reached that in a high vacuum tube the electric charge is carried by particles which have a mass only a fraction, as above mentioned, of that of the hydrogen atom, but which carry a charge equal to the unit electric charge of the hydrogen ion as found by electrochemical researches.
  • Davy followed up his initial work with a long and brilliant series of electrochemical investigations described for the most part in the Phil.
  • The 5th series (1833) is occupied with his electrochemical researches.
  • At the end of the 19th century electrochemical industries began to be developed which depended on the possession of cheap electric energy.
  • Furthermore his electrochemical investigations, and particularly his discovery of the important law of electrolysis, that the movement of a certain quantity of electricity through an electrolyte is always accompanied by the transfer of a certain definite quantity of matter from one electrode to another and the liberation at these electrodes of an equivalent weight of the ions, gave foundation for the idea of a definite atomic charge of electricity.

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