Sentence Examples

  • The efficacy of this legislation is in its administration, the language in which coloured aliens are usually tested being European.
  • The spirit of Vedic worship is pervaded by a devout belief in the efficacy of invocation and sacrificial offering.
  • The universal belief in the efficacy of invocation as an indispensable adjunct to sacrifices and religious rites generally, could not fail to engender and maintain in the minds of the people feelings of profound esteem and reverence towards those who possessed the divine gift of inspired utterance, as well as for those who had acquired an intimate knowledge of the approved forms of ritual worship. A common designation of the priest is brahman (nom.
  • But a formula that depends for its efficacy on being uttered rather than on being heard is virtually indistinguishable from the selfsufficient spell of the magician, though its origin is different.
  • Charms and words of power being supposed to possess efficacy in themselves are guarded with great secrecy by their owners, and hence, in so far as prayer verges on spell, there will be a disposition to mutter or otherwise conceal the sacred formula.

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