Sentence Examples

  • Wahl 79524 26-Piece Deluxe Hair Clipper Kit - powerful motor for cutting thicker hair, 10 guide combs, scissors, hair clips, cape, neck duster, storage box and how-to DVD included, $27.
  • Step Three Open each set of mini blinds and work the duster in between each set, much as you would use floss in between your teeth, you want to clean in between each mini blind.
  • It's available in black and is emblazoned with the company's logo, as well as some edgy artwork (a skull, knuckle duster and spiders are just a few examples).
  • You'll start by learning about common tools and supplies, such as a cutting mat, decorative punches, eyelet setter, and duster brush.
  • For example, a flexible static duster or even Swiffer product duster, allow you to reach places over your head and in tight quarters.