Sentence Examples

  • You can also be a classic mummy - wear a white shirt and pants or leggings, then use white gauze from the drugstore and wrap it around your head (leaving your eyes, nose and mouth free, of course) and as much of your body as you can.
  • Though you can easily pick up ointments in the skin care aisles of the drugstore and almost anywhere sunscreen is sold, you may also want to try fresh leaves that have been refrigerated for a cooling sensation and pain relief.
  • You don't need the most expensive models, but some of the razors you can buy in bulk at any drugstore tend to cause more nicks and razor burns and give a less perfect shave than razors with multiple blades designed for women.
  • On the other hand, some brands - such as Pantene hair products, remain at the higher end of the drugstore variety, and many consumers never feel it necessary to abandon their Pantene in favor of an Oscar Blandi bottle.
  • Aztec sunglasses seem to reach all the classic styles for those who can't just shop for the timeless shapes, styles, and colors at the drugstore or department stores-those who need vision correction and don't wear contacts.